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12.01.16 – How my Journey Began at Town Hall Dental

I woke up one morning in pain and with a swollen face not knowing what to do I called  Rachel practice manager of Town Hall Dental who arranged for me to see Dr Chana that morning. I had not attended the dentist for several years and I have to admit that even knowing the practice I was very nervous.

Dr Chana was so caring and made me feel at ease but had to deliver the bad news that my front tooth was fractured due to a trauma and the only option was removal of the tooth, as you can imagine this would cause distress to anyone but as I am only 22 I was devastated.

Dr Chana immediately put a treatment plan in action and told me not to worry not only would he fix my front tooth he would also give me the smile I had always wanted.

The tooth was extracted and a temporary denture was made. I was advised to wait 5-6 months for my brace treatment.


Today I started my Six Month Smile journey, I was anxious about having my braces originally but I know as I have had treatment with Dr Chana prior, my worries were laid to rest. Initially when the braces were fitted it felt fairly uncomfortable but it was no major pain or irritant. Already having had a denture placed, it was challenging to say the least for Dr.Chana to correctly shape my teeth for the denture to stay firmly in place, despite these complications he managed to do a fantastic job and I am more than pleased with my new braces :D


Today was my second appointment with Dr.Chana and as you can see what a difference already, firstly he started by removing the rubber rings placed around the braces, removed the wire and cleaning my braces. Secondly was the most technical part, using a small metal IPR between the teeth which creates spaces for movement, this was slightly uncomfortable but I was reassured that once space has been made, there is not as much need for this procedure to be a lengthy in following appointment.


My Third appointment today and after an astonishing amount of movement I am really impressed (and so is every one else!), Dr Chana replaced my wire today for a larger size improving the alignment and allowing more movement to the teeth. Uncomfortable at first, I felt the same strain and pressure on my teeth as when the braces were first fitted, but after a day or so the teeth become less tender and the uncomforted feeling was gone.


Today was my fourth appointment with Dr Chana, I am more than impressed with the movement up to this point. I had a chance to discuss with Dr Chana about placing new wires to help be able to bring out my back teeth and broaden the smile. Afterwards we spoke about the likelihood of the braces coming off in a few weeks!



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