our commitment to nervous patients 

At Town Hall Dental, our priority is that our patients receive the highest level of care that they can receive, as well as providing the highest quality and most innovative treatments in the North of England.

We want to make sure that everyone who comes through our doors has a memorable and pleasant experience, not just in the dentist’s chair but in every aspect of the practice.

We realise that having your teeth looked at and worked on can be stressful for many people. If you have had a previous bad experience, you may be understandably discouraged when it comes to booking another check-up. As a result, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that even the most nervous patients are cared for at Town Hall Dental like they are family.

For nervous patients, our Patient Journey is the perfect place to start to ensure you have a comfortable time with us. Working with our treatment co-ordinators you can talk to us about any apprehensions you might have, and we will work around you. Everyone visiting our practice goes through this journey, receiving the essential one on one support they need regardless of treatment level required. We are happy to make whatever arrangements need to be made to ensure you are happy and comfortable with everything that we will do together.

If you’re still uncomfortable about receiving treatment, our dental team have a wealth of knowledge in the field of sedation. Having trained with some of the best dentists all over the world, we can accommodate those wishing to be sedated to undergo treatment, receiving all your dental work quickly and painlessly and waking up on the other side with a fantastic new smile!

Being nervous about visiting your dentist can be a vicious cycle. If you neglect your teeth due to nervousness, and neglect them being looked at by a professional to diagnose any issues, your dental health and hygiene will get worse. It can then make you more nervous to visit the dentist due to the greater amount of treatment needed! Not being comfortable visiting your dentist is the first step to significant problems down the road, so our team at Town Hall Dental make sure you have a unique and welcoming experience from our very first interaction.

If you’ve struggled with nervousness in the past and feel like it’s time for a change, why not book a consultation with us? While we can tell you all about our amazing treatments, welcoming practice and incredible team, it’s much better to come and see it for yourself! Give us a call today, and say hello to your new dentists.



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