3 Ways Myobrace Can Positively Affect Your Health

The Myobrace system is a non-surgical, preventative solution to a host of dental issues that can normally only be corrected through more drastic orthodontic treatments. If introduced as a plan for younger children, before they would normally require things like braces, it can help encourage long-term healthy dental development. This is a major upside to using this kind of treatment.

Myobrace doesn’t begin and end with straighter teeth though, there are a myriad of ways that the system can benefit you. Here are three additional perks to being a Myobrace user.


When it comes to a child’s breathing, mouth placement is something that greatly affects how their airways operate. One of the biggest issues children face in this regard is mouth breathing. When an individual primarily breathes through the mouth, the muscles around the jaw are at a higher risk of becoming underdeveloped. If not properly trained, chronic mouth breathers can experience breathing problems later in life.

One of the primary issues is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, which is a condition that causes your breathing to be inconsistent during the night. This leads to poor quality of sleep and a host of other problems. The Myobrace device can help prevent some of these issues from occurring by training the mouth to be comfortable in a closed position. 

Facial muscles and swallowing

Incorrect swallowing patterns can also lead to some issues if not re-adapted during childhood. While swallowing, which is done often throughout the day sometimes unconsciously, it’s a sign of improper technique if a child pushes their tongue forward and lips back. A dramatic amount of movement in the lips is another tell.

 If this becomes a habit, it can eventually lead to teeth-crowding by virtue of the fact that there is increased pressure on the teeth. This encourages them to become more crooked than they may have otherwise naturally been. Crowded teeth can of course be aesthetically unappealing, but also painful and difficult to clean later in life. Improper swallowing can also even hinder the development of the face. Later in life these things technically can be corrected, but by introducing a preventative treatment like Myobrace into a child’s dental plan they can be avoided altogether.

Tongue Placement

It’s easy to forget that your tongue is always sitting squarely in your mouth. The place it settles is normally completely automatic and unconscious. What if we told you though, that the placement of your tongue has likely impacted your development since childhood? Would you be surprised to know it may have affected how your teeth or face grew as you aged? For something we so often take for granted, the taste bud-coated muscle in your mouth, as well as where it rests, is a particularly important factor in your dental health. 

If your tongue rests on the top of your mouth, that’s a good thing. Sometimes though, a child might develop the habit of keeping the tongue lower down in the mouth. If not corrected, this inhibits the growth of teeth by shifting the shape of the upper jaw and impeding on the space they would normally grow into. The Myobrace is effective in changing this trajectory by training the tongue to sit higher, until it becomes second nature.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Myobrace can positively affect your or your child’s health? Please reach out to our highly-trained team of professionals so that we can give you some individualised options!

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