COVID And Our Commitment to Patient Care

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on businesses in our community, and has required us all to adopt new procedures. In response to the pandemic, we at Town Hall Dental have been dedicated to implementing a robust health and safety policy and modified practices, to ensure the protection of all of our patients and staff. We have done this without compromising on our standard of excellence, or unnecessarily inconveniencing our patients.

While many things have changed since 2020 began, our steadfast commitment to patient care has remained the same. Our patient care promise encompasses everything from the treatments we provide, to the welcoming and comfortable environment we cultivate in our practice, to the way we respond to crises. It is integral to everything we do at Town Hall Dental, and our pandemic response has been no different.

One core principle of Town Hall Dental’s patient care promise is to provide 5 star customer service to everyone who walks through our doors. During this time, this has been reflected in our PPE practices. Throughout the pandemic, we have invested in additional PPE at NO additional charge to our patients. In a post-COVID world, being well-stocked with trusted PPE is the standard for dental practices. We believe that it is our responsibility to adopt the required measures without passing the burden onto our customers.

We have additionally supplied our practice with rapid flow tests, which have been an important part of our infection control system. We know that the safety of our community depends on us being conscious of COVID-19 risk, and taking appropriate measures to avoid the spread of the disease. As such, we test our staff on a regular basis and perform temperature checks on each and every patient who comes into our practice.

We have also gone above and beyond to help where we can in our community. In response to the extreme strain on the NHS, we extended our services to the NHS 111 to provide emergency assistance to patients in urgent and desperate need of treatment. This was in collaboration with our charity The Town Hall Foundation, an organisation dedicated to delivering dental treatment to those who cannot access it. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been extremely important to us, so we were thrilled to be able to help in this way.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, we at Town Hall Dental have continued to work tirelessly to give patients the same exemplary care that they have come to expect. We are excited to continue on this path of patient care and excellence in dentistry, regardless of the circumstances.

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