Ram Kaur’s Haircut Fundraiser for Town Hall Foundation

Town Hall Group’s dental nurse and trustee Ram Kaur cut her long hair as part of a fundraiser for the Town Hall Foundation

On Friday the 8th of October 2021, Town Hall Group’s dental nurse and trustee Ram Kaur cut her long hair as part of a fundraiser for the Town Hall Foundation. Looking to make a change, Ram decided to cut and donate her long locks, but wanted to make a positive impact in the process. She has always felt passionately that dental care and education should be accessible to all, which is why she feels so excited about the work that Town Hall Foundation does.

Ram is one of Town Hall Group’s wonderful dental nurses, who joined the practice in October 2018, initially as a student nurse. She went on to receive her qualifications in January 2020, and is now our Clinical Lead Imran Rangzeb’s dental nurse.

Ram has regularly attended our outreach trips to Folkesone, and supports us at various events and fundraisers in tandem with her role at Town Hall Dental. She recently became a member of the board of Town Hall Foundation, where she will contribute her skills to the People and Performance team, who lead on the charity’s education programmes.

Ram’s values are perfectly aligned with Foundation’s core principles and aims, which are to:

  • Educate the next generation and those who need it on oral hygiene.
  • Provide dental care for those in our community who need it the most.
  • Support organisations whose work ties in with our goals.

Fundraising campaigns such as Ram’s, are an incredible way of showing support for the Foundation, while helping to ensure its continued success.

In regard to the hair itself, (which was measured at a remarkable 20 inches after cutting,) Ram plans to donate it to the Little Princess Trust. They will transform her hair into a wig for a child or young person who has lost their hair due to cancer or other conditions.

Ram says of the haircut experience, which was kindly provided by hairdresser Kaye Barrett: “Right before the big chop I had a moment of nervousness, because it’s such a big change, but as soon as the scissors went through the hair I felt so free and light. Holding the plait in my hand and knowing it would go to a child who needed a wig, made it that much more worth it. I also knew that we had surpassed our fundraising goal of 500 pounds, which I am completely thrilled about. So far, we have raised over 800 pounds for Town Hall Foundation, which will go directly towards the incredible work that they do.”

Ram is not only a charity champion, but an overall indispensable member of the team, and we are so grateful for her support. We would also like to thank each and every individual who donated to her initiative, as every pound goes to helping us reach our goals and care for our community in better and more innovative ways.

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