Sahir Khalid wins apprentice of the year

Sahir Khalid Apprentice of the year

Town Hall Dental is incredibly proud to announce that a treasured member of our team, Sahir Khalid has won Maths Student of The Year at the Bradford College’s Further Education Student and Apprenticeship Awards. He gained this award after finishing a 2-year Level 3 maths course as part of his continued professional training.

Sahir began his journey at Town Hall Dental at age 16. He came to the practice to gain work experience, as he was eager to develop his skills and eventually undertake dental nurse training. He started his apprenticeship soon after, qualifying in June 2020. Since joining the team, Sahir has become an essential part of the Town Hall family. He is an incredibly hardworking individual whose positive attitude and passion for dentistry is felt by everyone in the practice. In his spare time, Sahir has always been dedicated to furthering his skills and knowledge in dentistry. Now that he has finished his maths course, he has his sight set on qualifications in sedation, radiology, and implant dentistry.

About his experience with the course and his win, Sahir says: “It was absolutely amazing. I put in a lot of work, a lot of effort, and a lot of determination. It wasn’t easy, juggling work and my course, but I managed to get it done. The support of everyone at Town Hall helped me through.”

Sahir expressed that he felt lucky to have people in the practice who were there for him throughout his course. From Patient Care Nurse Chloe Ross, who took the exact same course in the past and gave him advice and support, to Chief Operating Officer Rachel Dilley, who joined him at the ceremony.
He says: “Rachel was the perfect person to share the experience with. Honestly, I never take for granted everything she does. I always appreciate that she’s always there for me, and I’ll never forget it.”

Town Hall Group proudly employs over 30 full time professionals, many of whom have taken a similar employment pathway to Sahir’s. Our recruitment policy, which has been instrumental to our long-term success, has meant that nearly every one of our employees joined the practice as apprentices. By hiring staff directly out of education, we are able to find many passionate individuals who add essential skills and perspectives to our practice.

Promoting her staff’s continued professional development is a core principle of Rachel Dilley’s leadership philosophy. She says: “We’re proud to have developed and implemented a policy of training people from early stages in their career. I personally started as an apprentice dental nurse, and I deeply believe that if someone has the right mindset, then anything else can be taught.
Working at the Town Hall Group is about having a great attitude towards patient care and clinical excellence, and if someone has that, then the rest comes easily”.

The heart and soul of Town Hall Group is its people, and we understand that without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We have made a conscious effort over the course of our history to build a team that is passionate about what they do, always eager to learn, and excited to contribute to the future of the business. Sahir fits that profile perfectly, and the entire team is incredibly proud of his accomplishments. We look forward to being a part of his success in the future.

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