Louise Reed

Town Hall Foundation Co-Ordinator

Louise Reed is our Town Hall Foundation coordinator and the founder and CEO of Focus4Hope. Through meeting Rachel and Imran, Louise has been able to expand her work immensely. Focus4Hope is now a part of Town Hall Group and supports 100’s of people. In collaboration, they provide dental treatment, first aid, and referrals to relevant support services to those in need.

Louise assists Rachel with the day to day running of Town Fall Foundation, dealing with referrals from other organisations. She coordinates events for fundraising, such as our ‘Make Brushing Fun’ campaign, in which dedicated members of the team go out into schools and adult learning centres to deliver training. 

She also organises outreach dental check-ups at Smartmove, The Gathering Place, and Happy Days. The new patients she connects with through these events will often be directed to Beechwood Dental Practice, where they can receive the treatment they need.

In both roles, Louise maintains excellent working relationships and links with other organisations to ensure clients have the most resources possible at their disposal. This improves the overall level of care Town Hall Foundation can provide. 

Louise is passionate about helping a diverse range of vulnerable people in our community. Helping people is at the heart of what she does and impacting their lives in a positive way is the fundamental goal of her work.

Louise Reed