Rachel Dilley

Chief Operating Officer and Director

Rachel Dilley - Chief Operating Officer and Director

Rachel Dilley is Town Hall Dental’s practice and business development manager. She was formerly a dental nurse for 30 years, and Dr Rangzeb’s practice manager for 13 years. She has a BTEC Diploma Level 3, NVQ Level 3 and Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Management.

Rachel is responsible for running the day to day operations of the practice, as well as overseeing and coordinating all charitable efforts. She is Founder of our charity Town Hall Foundation.

She is the key point of contact for the players and manager at Leeds United, and is dedicated to maintaining a similarly positive and collaborative relationship with all Town Hall Dental partnerships.

In 2019, her passionate leadership efforts were recognized at the National Dentistry Awards, where she was awarded “Most Invaluable Team Member.”

For Rachel, care has always been her top priority, which informs all the work she does. This care is reflected on how Town Hall treats its patients, its community, the Leeds United players, and the Town Hall Dental staff itself.

Out of work Rachel is trustee for Community Foundation for Calderdale, focus4hope and SWF. Rachel is also a director of Brighouse House Bid and our CIC Focus4Success Rachel has a passion for promoting cooperate social responsibility she dedicates her time to helping those in need.
Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and her beautiful granddaughter Poppy Louise.
Rachel Dilley - Chief Operating Officer and Director