The Myobrace System Versus Braces

If you are looking into orthodontic treatments, you may have come into contact with many different options during your search. Braces are an incredibly common orthodontic system that many children, adolescents, or adults use to straighten teeth and correct irregularities, but they are not the only option.

The Myobrace system is another preventative and sometimes corrective treatment that is a great alternative to the more traditionally used braces. In the following blog, we will be going over the pros and cons of each system; comparing them in order to give you a better idea about what might be best for you.


  • Pros

In contrast with Myobrace, braces are a great option for adults who have existing dental issues that skew more to the severe side. They are highly effective when it comes to correcting problems. Usually in cases where braces are recommended, the patient may likely face bigger issues in the future if they do not receive treatment. Teeth may continue to crowd, your bite may be affected, you may be at an increased risk for tooth decay due to problems with cleaning, and more. If you find yourself in this category, getting braces is a good idea.

  • Cons

Traditional braces, while effective, are not often considered the most aesthetically pleasing choice. When you have them it is fairly obvious, and they can feel bulky in the mouth. Especially for older adults, braces may feel like a call-back to adolescence and be slightly embarrassing. We here at Town Hall Dental think that the long-term effects of braces greatly outweigh temporary discomfort, and braces should not be stigmatised for older individuals. Nothing looks better than taking care of your dental health! We do understand these concerns however, which is why we are constantly striving to be at the forefront of new or developing dental technologies like Myobrace.

Braces are also an expensive and sometimes long process that may involve pain. This pain is usually more like soreness than anything, but it is something to consider. Additionally, braces often do require teeth extractions, which can be unpleasant to experience.


  • Pros

Consistency is key when it comes to Myobrace, but it must be acknowledged that it is a device that you can take in and out of your mouth as you please. For the treatment to be effective you must wear your tray overnight and during some hours of the day, but generally the system is a lot more flexible and certainly more easily removable than braces.

The main pro is that the system is a preventative measure that is particularly useful for young children. It corrects issues before they even appear. This is at a lower cost over a longer amount of time.

The system saves the child in question and their caregivers future headaches, and avoids the more invasive experience of having braces. To compare it to another part of the body: Myobrace is like getting a physical therapist to train you to prevent injury, rather than treating a broken leg when it happens.

The Myobrace has knock on effects on the rest of your health as well, by improving breathing patterns and strengthening the muscles in the face and jaw. Overall, it is a wonderful option for anyone who is looking for a steadier, preventive method for your orthodontic needs.

  • Cons

For adults, Myobrace is much less able to correct dramatic issues than traditional braces. While it can certainly be effective in gently straightening the teeth and improving mouth placement, it is most effectively utilised with children.

 It also requires personal consistency. You do not have to consciously think about your braces for them to accomplish their work. You do, however, have to remember to be consistent with your Myobrace. Now that you know a little more about Myobrace and how it compares to braces, we urge you to get in contact with us to talk about your specific requirements. We would love to have a discussion and get the root of what exactly you need from your orthodontic treatment!

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