Tips on Catering Your Nutrition to Myobrace

When it comes to the Myobrace system, a healthy diet is essential. As with any corrective or preventive orthodontic treatment plan, a holistic approach can be incredibly advantageous. Especially when it comes to children, for whom the Myobrace system is predominantly effective for, there’s never a bad reason for being mindful of their nutrition for not only the health of their teeth, but the health of their entire bodies!

The Myobrace system is the process of using trays to train the mouth to encourage natural, beneficial development of dentition, breathing, jaw and tongue placement and more.  

As with any device placed in your mouth, there are some considerations when it comes to foods. In the following we’ll go over a couple areas of nutrition and how they affect your dental health, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your Myobrace. 

Sugary foods

We’re sure it’s no surprise that sugary foods are indeed bad for your teeth. This is especially true of sticky varieties that may latch onto teeth and be difficult to brush away. Sugar leads to an increased risk of tooth decay because of how it reacts to bacteria in the mouth. This can negatively affect your child’s tooth development and result in the need for fillings.

Of course, sugar is difficult to avoid these days! It’s in a lot of the food we eat in sneaky places. While fruit juice might seem healthy, for example, it is still high in sugar and can therefore be bad for your teeth. Some simple swaps, like sugar-free flavoured water instead of soda, or whole fruits instead of sweets, can make a big difference in the health of your teeth. However, we also know that occasional treats can be part of a balanced and healthy diet. Completely avoiding a special sugary food like a birthday cake or Christmas pudding is impractical and downright limiting, so there are some ways of avoiding some of the damage if this inevitably happens. If your child eats a food high in sugar, have them brush their teeth shortly after or at the very least rinse their mouth out with plain water. This helps to mitigate some of the effects the sugar is having on the enamel. 

Soft foods

Soft foods are great and can be a big part of a healthy diet, especially for young children, but it is also important to introduce lots of solid foods into your child’s life to encourage jaw strength. The joints and muscles in your face and mouth are just like any other muscle in your body. To work at its optimal level, each component needs to be exercised.

Things like applesauce or mushy peas are great, but they are eaten without the help of your teeth, so do not participate in this strengthening process. When it is safe to do so, and with the approval of your paediatrician, introduce foods like raw vegetables and fruit, or nuts and seeds. These foods are not only a great part of a balanced diet, but also help you work out that jaw.

A lesser known fact is that jaw health also contributes to the health of our airways. Having a properly positioned mouth can be helpful in your child’s future when it comes to breathing to sleeping.   If you would like to learn more about the intersection of nutrition and the Myobrace system please get in touch with our team of experts. The best way to ensure your or your child’s diet is not negatively affecting your teeth is to come in for regular check ups.

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