Sports Performance

Our Breathe treatments can help enhance breathing capabilities and can be particularly beneficial to athletes, showing improvement in athletic performance.

The Breathe Sports Clinic
The Breathe Sports Clinic

The result:

Improved athletic performance

The Breathe Clinic provide precision diagnoses and comprehensive treatments for nasal obstruction, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, and other breathing disorders. These services are available to the public but are especially advantageous for athletes, as enhanced breathing capabilities can be particularly beneficial for them.

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Breathe Clinic

Studies have shown that head, tongue and neck position affect breathing style drastically, and, through treatments at the Breathe Clinic, it is possible for patients to experience benefits such as:

Because of the well-established connections between sleep, airway health, breathing, and athletic performance, The Breathe Clinic is proud to work with World-Class athletes within the Sports and Olympic industry.

The mission at The Breathe Clinic culminates in an interdisciplinary collaboration to continually use best practices, seek out the highest quality technology and research, and advance the standards of care in sleep and airway medicine globally.

The Breathe Clinic

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