Welcome Afif Hanif

Afif Hanif - Associate Dentist

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new dentist to our Town Hall Dental team, Afif Hanif. We welcome him with open arms and greatly look forward to the skills and experience he is sure to bring to the practice.

Hanif attended Sheffield University, where he qualified in 2006. After returning to his home of Berkshire from Rotherham, he began his career, becoming known over the years for his passion for premier patient care. Since then, Hanif has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and experience over 14 years, and continues to attend King’s College University, where he is studying to expand his skills even further.

We knew Afif Hanif could be a great fit for Town Hall Dental because of his commitment to his patients. He always makes sure he is practicing honest and open communication in order to get to the root of their dental requirements, which is something we greatly value here at the practice. He endeavours to make everyone who sits in his chair feel at ease, using his friendly approachability to make the experience positive. He also shares the same charitable mindset that we do and is excited to help with our future community work projects. Between the excellent level of care he brings to the table as a dentist, his qualifications, and his desire to give back, Hanif will be a wonderful addition to the team. We hope he can continue to exceed expectations and provide the best care possible to our patients. We warmly welcome him to Town Hall Dental!

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