Town Hall Foundation

The charitable department of Town Hall Dental and is our way of giving back to the community who have supported us through our journey.

Town Hall Foundation

Charity has always been a big part of our mission at Town Hall Dental, and we are delighted to be able to support great local causes, as well as run our own projects, through our foundation. As Town Hall Dental continues to grow, our charitable work will grow alongside it, and we’re excited to keep you updated with everything we do now and in the future.

Our Work

Our work with the Town Hall Foundation is divided in to three key projects, and our funding is divided equally between all of them.

  1. Teaching dental hygiene
  2. Teaching Adults with Disabilities correct dental hygiene
  3. Providing essential dental care to those in need
  4.  Supporting the work of other local organisations

Teaching Dental Hygiene

The early years of your life are some of the most important for your teeth, and any problems that start at this time often grow worse as you get older. Unfortunately, we see a lot of disinformation and lack of understanding about the best ways to care for your teeth, and this can continue all the way in to adulthood, resulting in expensive treatments as an adult that may not be covered by the NHS.

Through the Town Hall Foundation, we work with schools and fund visits by oral health educators to speak to children about the importance of good dental hygiene. With free kits for the children and a vital education on how to keep your teeth in the best condition, we hope to prepare the next generation with the tools they need.

Our work in this sector also encompasses adults with learning disabilities, as we look to promote oral hygiene in the sectors of the population where it can have the most good. In the coming months we’ll be launching the Make Brushing Fun campaign, and we’ll announce how you can get involved.

Town Hall Foundation charity work

Providing essential dental care for those in need

Town Hall Foundation charity work

The work of the Foundation goes to fund our work with the homeless and vulnerably housed, as we set up mobile dental clinics in Leeds and other areas in West Yorkshire. Many of the hundreds of people we work with require treatment that can’t be provided on the street and have no way of accessing such treatments due to their unfortunate circumstances.

The Town Hall Foundation pays for the treatments of these individuals, and the more funds we raise allows us to expand our reach and help more and more people.

Supporting the work of other local organisations

The Foundation allows us to continue to help amazing local causes, and thanks to your support we are able to grow the work we have done over recent years.

The Town Hall Foundation pays for the treatments of these individuals, and the more funds we raise allows us to expand our reach and help more and more people.

Focus 4 Hope
Overgate Hospice

Our Vision

How you can help

We are now accepting donations through our practice and our website.

At the Town Hall Group, every one of our companies works to support the foundation. Whether you are having dental treatment, aesthetic treatment, using the facilities of the room or just visiting, a percentage of any purchase at the Town Hall Group goes to support the foundation and the work we do.

We’d like to take this time to thank the local community and the friends of Town Hall, who have allowed us to reach this point. We’re excited to continue giving back and keep doing more for you in the future.