Our Treatments

At Town Hall Dental, we place a strong emphasis on preventive dentistry. This means helping you to take care of your teeth and gums so that you can avoid problems such as bad breath and decay.

Breathe Clinic
Our Breathe treatments can help enhance breathing capabilities can be particularly beneficial athletes.

Dental Implant Centre

Replace missing teeth with dental implants, prepared and placed by our team of knowledgeable dentists specially trained in this field.


A new, innovative and non-surgical treatment to help straighten teeth and improve jaw development, particularly for young patients.

Cosmetic Brace Centre

For crooked or misaligned teeth, our wide range of corrective aligner treatment options will leave you with a beautiful new smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Achieve the smile you want with our team of expert cosmetic dentists, offering a wide array of treatments designed to improve the look and feel of your teeth.

Sedation Centre

Tackle your phobias and enjoy a relaxed treatment with our in-house sedation centre and our patient care team.

Aesthetic Treatments

Our range of aesthetic treatments help to reduce lines and improve your skin.

General Dentistry

Oral hygiene maintenance and dental treatments, to both restore the health of your teeth and secure the future wellbeing of your mouth through preventative measures.