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The Breathe Institute


Breathe Institute is a collaboration between clinical lead, and principal dentist at Town Hall Dental Dr. Imran Rangzeb, and The Breathe Institute (TBI), which is the global pioneer in breathing related healthcare, research, and education. Dr Rangzeb, along with world-renowned ENT, and Sleep Surgeon at TBI Dr Soroush Zaghi, provide precision diagnoses and comprehensive treatments for nasal obstruction, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, and other breathing disorders. These services are available to the public but are especially advantageous for athletes, as enhanced breathing capabilities can be particularly beneficial for them.

Studies have shown that head, tongue and neck position affect breathing style drastically, and, through treatments at the Breathe Institute, it is possible for patients to experience benefits such as:

Because of the well-established connections between sleep, airway health, breathing, and athletic performance, The Breathe Institute is proud to work with World-Class athletes within the Sports and Olympic industry.

The mission at The Breathe Institute culminates in an interdisciplinary collaboration to continually use best practices, seek out the highest quality technology and research, and advance the standards of care in sleep and airway medicine globally.

5% of all the proceeds from our work in sports goes towards our Foundation, aimed at tackling our 3 key goals:
  • Educate the next generation and those who need it on proper oral hygiene,
  • Provide dental care for those in our community who need it most,
  • Support organisations whose work ties in with our goals.
Town Hall Foundation
Rachel Dilley

Rachel Dilley is Town Hall Dental’s Chief Operating Officer/Director.

Rachel is responsible for running the day to day operations of the practice, as well as overseeing and coordinating all charitable efforts.

She is the key point of contact for the players and managers of our sporting partners and is dedicated to maintaining a similarly positive and collaborative relationship with all Town Hall Dental partnerships.

In 2019, her passionate leadership efforts were recognized at the National Dentistry Awards, where she was awarded “Most Invaluable Team Member.”

Imran Rangzeb

Dr Imran Rangzeb is the clinical lead, and principal dentist at Town Hall Dental.

Dr Rangzeb is deeply dedicated to offering the best of the best treatment to every patient who walks into the practice.

It is Dr Rangzeb’s aim and ambition to approach dentistry from the perspective of innovation, always looking for cutting edge technologies to enhance his treatment capabilities.

He is continually setting the bar higher for what Town Hall Dental can achieve in dentistry.